With a Question

I saw the sages
Knelt at their feet
I found the teachers
With respect and patience
I waited for them
To acknowledge my presence

I presented my question
The question
That had been soaked
In the contemplations of generations
In years of booze & drugs
In days of hopelessness & of dreams
In pain & in bliss

The ultimate query
A questioned authority
A questioned existence
I sought the answers so many others had

Before me
Before me
Before me
Before me

And while it was
In retrospect
A universal question
It was a personal one as well
In my blood

I phrased it perfectly
With no fear
No hesitation
Leaving no room for misunderstanding
I bade them to explain it all
To my complete satisfaction
And enlightenment

And they did
Sort of…

They said,
“Why do you ask.”

And that’s all they said
And it wasn’t a question
It was the answer to my mine

And it’s all I needed to hear.

– Mel


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