Catwoman vs. Black Widow (Poll Results)

Catwoman Wins

In my most successful poll to date, (33 people voted) pitting this summer’s babes-in-black head to head, based I suppose on popularity& hotness, Catwoman wins 61% to 39%.

Congratulations to Catwoman on her glorious victory.

What does she win?

I’m thinking a spin-off prequel starring Anne Hathaway.

But maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, If you need me, I’ll be consoling Black Widow in the Batcave.

(what’s that you say? You can’t have Black Widow in the Batcave because she’s Marvel & the Cave is DC? Shut Up. It’s my fantasy)

– Mel

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2 thoughts on “Catwoman vs. Black Widow (Poll Results)

  1. Ann Hathaway’s is the ONLY Catwoman ever to be portrayed on screen. People may have liked the other ones but they were Catwoman in name only and bear NO resemblance to the character in the comic books. Plus, Hathaway was spectacular!!!


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