Back to the Dream

When I’m having a dream,
A particularly good dream,
A dream that I don’t want to end,
I find a way to stay.

I try lucid dreaming,
A few decades now,
I’ve gotten pretty good.

I can change the tone of a dream.
Give myself miracle powers.
Stop time.
Erase a character.
Even rewind and live a particularly good scene again.
Do something different this time.
I can wake when I want
Or stay.

Sometimes I stay too long.
Stay too long in an enjoyable dream,
An interesting dream,
Until my subconscious runs out of plot points.
Runs out of ideas.

But instead of letting the dream end
I still want to stay.
At times like these my subconscious creates an errand for me to run.

Through this door
Around this corner
You’ll be back
Don’t worry.

Then it turns around and makes it impossible
To find my way
Back to the dream.

I leave the room
The building
The store
For just a moment
Then I’m stuck in a maddening maze.
Looking for street signs
Searching through strange neighborhoods
Down hallway after hallway
Looking for the door
The way back to the good part,
Back to the dream.

Until I’m frustrated
Until I’m tired
Until I decide to wake.
And it’s over.
But now I know
It’s just writer’s block.

I dream of writer’s block.

– Mel


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