The Journal of the Man in The Box.

I rarely go outside anymore. Except for shopping, the rare appointment and the occasional hike up the hill to make sure the moon is still there.

If I were to keep a journal of my daily activities from inside my little box, every entry would look the same.


DATE: Any-day-of-the-week Month the Umpteenth


Exercise (Stationary bike, treadmill, weights or yoga depending on how I feel. [I used to have a schedule… screw that])


Calm Abiding Meditation

Eggs (I wish I were more creative with my eggs… Scrambled, Fried, Omelette, Hard boiled… that’s it)

Internet surfing while watching talk shows from previous night. (Letterman, Conan, Jon & Stephen, Maddow on iTunes and Bill Maher on Sat. mornings or Geek & Sundry, Rev3 & TWiT netcasts [Love Tekzilla, Frame Rate and Breakin’ it Down)


Play video games online while listening to music (mostly rock/alt unless its the weekend Sat: Jazz, Sun: Opera) until someone online angers me so much that I have to turn the damn thing off before I break the controller… or I win.

Oatmeal (Raisins, Bananas, Cinnamon and/or just raw sugar)

Watch a game, a couple of movies or a TV series on Netflix, on DVD or pirated (rare but it happens).

Dinner (Vegetables, Pasta, Beans & Rice, Fish or some combination of these)

Insight Meditation

Write something (music, poetry, prose, blog post, comment or complaint letter)

Tea (Green, Chamomile, Peppermint or a blend)

Play the guitar in bed or read until I fall asleep.

(And do it all again the next day)

In-between, I drink lots of water, masturbate if the mood arises, check my e-mail too often for someone with so little going on and pet my cat when she wants me to lest I be bitten or scratched.

But honestly, I’m not in a rut.

I’m in a groove.

However, with the infrequent and unwelcome bouts of anxiety and/or mania that hit me for absolutely no reason out of the blue, I have never experienced an extended period of peace of mind.

But this comes close.

I just wish I could see the moon from the window of my little box.

– Mel


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