Quick Avengers Review


See it in the theater. Preferably in 3D. This film benefits from the large crowd, large screen, large expectations and the large green guy with the serious anger issues.

The Avengers

Joss Whedon knocks it out the park.

He manages to at least touch on the iconic match-ups and epic battles then later finds the space to include the team-ups as well.

Fantastic work.

Though it could have used a little more heart and a little more Scarlett.

It was damn near perfect.

Have you seen it yet?

Well if you haven’t then this poll isn’t for you and I wouldn’t read the COMMENTS because they MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.

So go see it.



4 thoughts on “Quick Avengers Review

    • My favorite line is “Hulk… smash.”

      and The Hulk did steal the movie.

      From the point where Bruce says that he’s “always angry” (floored me… coolest line in the film) the rest of the movie belongs to The Hulk.

      Yeah no one in the theater got up or even assumed there was not going to be an epilogue. The other movies all had them. No one moved.


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