The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Avengers (Round 2)

The Trailers…

But first a song… “Trailers. For sale or rent…”

That’s my jam.

Now on to the main event.

First up…

The Avengers Trailer.

And now the newcomer…

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer.

I can’t think of a summer in recent history with two movies where the level of anticipation was this intense without one of the movies being a Twilight (this is awful why does it make so much money) Harry Potter (aw geez am I really the oldest person in this theater) teen-girl-athon.

Prediction: Summer of 2012 crushes box-office records.

I may have to log-off my computer and go play outside.

I’ll see you sinners at the theater,

– Sloth


5 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Avengers (Round 2)

  1. Let preface that although I love the Avengers and collected Avenger comics most of my life (it’s the only superhero team I like), I’m a Bat Man fanatic. I’ve read almost every Bat Man comic that has been printed since the 1930’s and I still have all my trade paperbacks since Knightfall story line. Also, The Dark Knight Returns was in my opinion, the best superhero of all time and I love Chris Nolan’s directing.

    I have to admit the Avengers trailer and film looks much more exciting than Bat Man. The reviews for Avengers have already been stellar, getting a 97% among all critics and 100% with the top critics on Rotten Tomatos.

    I don’t like what I’ve seen so far with the depiction of Catwoman (Hollywood NEVER gets her right) and the Bane story is way too big to tell in one film. Knightfall took a year of comics to get through with Dick Grayson taking over for Bat Man while he was recovering from a broken back.

    So far Nolan has followed the best of the Bat Man comics using both Year One and the Long Halloween to base the films on and did a spectacular job adapting them both. This one I have reservations with. I don’t recognize any of the plot points from any comics that I know and I know almost all of them.

    Avengers has Joss Whedon at the helm who has penned many a title for Marvel and DC. And they are loosely following the original Avengers comic with Loki as the villain. Guaranteed smash!

    Bat Man is just a wait and see and keep your fingers crossed they don’t make the same mistake that were made with Spider-Man 3.


  2. I was an X-men man myself. Never really read an Avengers comic. X-men all the way… and then sometime FF especially if Spider-man was involved. (Spidey was my dude) but Joss Whedon is a deity in my house. (His name is a killing word… grrr argh) However Christopher Nolan makes FANTASTIC movies and add to that the fact that even though I avoided DC titles like the plague, whenever a good writer took on Batman (or Bat Man if you will… and apparently you do) I was there. (Had a book called Player on the Other Side that was marvelous… Donald Hudson stole it from me when I needed quick cash) And I watched the 60’s Batman show religiously.

    So it remains to be seen which is better. And don’t dismiss Anne’s Catwoman too quickly remember that Nolan does seem to get good performances out of talented people. It’s difficult to do a good Catwoman after Eartha Kitt. It’s hard to resist the urge to make her too campy or too sexy.

    But with a lot of trilogy’s the third one is all about the money… usually. Which could be why Nolan decided to make financial greed a theme in the movie.

    Best superhero movie in my opinion. The Incredible Hulk. (The one with Ed Norton) but Dark Knight comes in a very close second. Also loved loved loved Spider-man 2. Keep the superhero movies coming.

    Thanks for the comment.


  3. I loved the Ed Norton Hulk and was disappointed that he’s not playing Banner in the Avengers.

    The quintessential Catwoman was done about 10 years ago by Darwyn Cooke. (Look for Selina’s Big Score) The revamp of the tittle back then made her what she needed to be. Not campy, sexy yes, but not in a demeaning way and certainly NOT a dominatrix the way Hollywood sees her. Cooke had the most realistic respectful and three dimensional take on Selina Kyle I have ever seen. Hathaway can act but does she have an edge that the Catwoman needs? We’ll see.

    Although I watched the 60’s series because it was based on Bill Finger’s “cleaned up” version after the comic codes were instituted. I hated it and I really hated the Tim Burton films, ALL of them. You can see I’m purest when it comes Bat-Man. Yes, It can be Batman as well, but when Denny O’neil and Neal Adams rescued Bat-Man from the camp stupidity of the 50’s and 60’s, they had it as Bat-Man but now it’s Batman, either is fine. Batman is a dark and serious mythology, so Catwoman should be treated the same. Okay enough nerdom for one night. Thanks Mel, this is fun!


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