The 5 People I Wish I Were More Like or Building the Perfect Mel


His Holiness the Dalai Lama

I have posted in the past about meeting His Holiness and being impressed with his wisdom and humor and good nature. I would love to be more like him. To have his focus and his compassion. To be able to forgive the major injustices done to his country by the Chinese. The way he looks at the world and doesn’t take himself as serious as someone in his place would be tempted to. His never wavering compassion and spirit of love and forgiveness is inspirational. I wish I had a fraction of his spiritual focus.

Rachel Maddow in Seattle.

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Rachel Maddow

I love this woman. She is so funny and so smart. I remember her smile the night of the 2008 election and I remember wanting to bottle the way that smile made me feel. I like the way she cuts through the BS to the facts and figures joining together pieces from seemingly unrelated political stories forming focused pictures of the political world. I turn to her when something happens that I don’t understand. When I need to get to the heart of the problem with as little spin as possible. I wish I had a smidgen of her smarts.



Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's "Th...

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Jon Stewart

An integral part of the way that I digest bad news is through laughter and the thing that makes me laugh the loudest and the hardest when the news is sobering is The Daily Show, its writers and correspondents. Jon Stewart has surrounded himself with talented, funny people and continually offers entertaining and informative shows. But what impresses most is his integrity and his consistency. And it’s also the lack of these qualities in our public officials that makes them ripe for parody. He makes me laugh hysterically at subjects that should make me angry. I wish I had just a bit of his wit.


George Clooney at the 2009 Venice Film Festival

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George Clooney

There is no off position on the charisma switch. And This man is the mayor of charisma city. He comes across as warm and friendly and funny. But he doesn’t stop there. He’s artistic and professional. He’s an amazing actor and writer and director. But his greatest talent is his attractiveness. He attracts people to causes and charities. He uses his celebrity to shine much needed light on areas where people are forced to live in the dark. And he does it while looking good. He’s the host and life of the party as well as the guest of honor. I wish I had a sliver of his self-confidence.

060524-N-7365V-114 New York Harbor (May 24, 20...

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Halle Berry

And lastly, If I’m building the perfect Mel. He needs a body. I had to decide whether I wanted the body of an athlete or of a super model. Whether I wanted to present my masculine or my feminine side to the world. They fought it out for a while and the only thing both sides could agree on is that Halle Berry is hot as all hell. So if I had to put the heart of the Dalai Lama, the brain of Rachel Maddow, the wit of Jon Stewart and the Charisma of George Clooney into one package. That package would be Halle Berry. I don’t think I have to explain that much further. She’s gorgeous, near perfect. I wish I had me some of that sexy.

And now comes the part where I give my creation life.

This Frankenstein’s monster.

This amalgam of perfect pieces.

Mega Mel if you will.

I can never be as pretty as Halle Berry. But I can eat right and exercise and work to make and keep the body I have as beautiful as it can be. I will never have the charisma of George Clooney. But I can be as kind and as warm and as friendly as my shyness will allow  in order to be a more attractive person. I may never be as funny as Jon Stewart but I can keep my heart and my mind open to see the absurdity and humor and beauty in everything every day. I can never be as smart as Rachel Maddow but I can question and investigate and uncover hidden truths to increase my understanding. And I may never find the Dalai Lama’s spiritual focus and compassion in myself but I can look for it. And through effort and concentration I may be able to develop it.

It’s alive!!! ALIVE!!!

-Envy (Sometimes I’m a good thing)


4 thoughts on “The 5 People I Wish I Were More Like or Building the Perfect Mel

  1. Update: Realized too late that there were two positions I left off the list.

    Keith Olbermann for his fearlessness in standing up to corporations and government and sticking to his beliefs and maintaining his integrity in leaving NBC and going on his own. I wish I had his courage. (He would fit between Clooney & Berry on the list)

    And Sarah Silverman for her ability to delve into the darker parts of herself and the world in creative ways. Finding humor in the basest of human traits and behaviors. She crosses the line and just keeps going without fear. Always funny. Always illuminating and inspiring. I wish I had her creativity. (She would come after Halle Berry)

    So the list would read. (From Crown to Base)
    Dalai Lama
    Rachel Maddow
    Jon Stewart
    George Clooney
    Keith Olbermann
    Halle Berry
    Sarah Silverman

    I missed this. I’m new to blogging. I’ll get better.


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