Batman Year One & All Star Superman, A Film Comparison

This is my review of Batman Year One. It is as follows:

Batman Year One is really good but not as good as All Star Superman.

Batman Year One is an adaptation of the comic books written by Frank Miller. I have loved Miller’s gritty tension filled takes on established titles since my friend Sean turned me on to his Daredevil run from the early 80’s, so I was expecting good things from this but it was better than I predicted.

It is, however, not as good as All Star Superman.


Both are extremely well written, well directed and well voiced features with a lot more of a mature theme than your average comic book animated adaptation. But All Star Superman just offers a little extra.


All Star Superman is a powerful story, written by Grant Morrison, about a dying Superman (played by James Denton) who knows he’s about to die and needs to put things in order with Lois Lane (the beautiful voice of Christina Hendricks), Lex Luthor (Anthony LaPaglia) and the world in peril before he runs out of time. It is fucking amazing. It’s been awhile since I was floored speechless by an animated film other than something by Hayao Miyazaki but All Star Superman stuck with me for a few days.

Batman Year One is not as original a story as All Star Superman because it’s basically a retelling of the origin of Batman (hence the Year One in the title) but told from the POV of some of the other characters in the Batman story.

Jim Gordon; who is just a Lt. in year one, played superbly by the three-time Emmy winning Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad.

Selena Kyle; a street level enforcer, not yet the Catwoman we know and lust after. Voiced by the lovely Eliza Dushku of Buffy & Dollhouse fame.

and of course Bruce Wayne; an unpolished untested and unfocused vigilante, portrayed to perfection by Ben McKenzie.


While All Star Superman is about the very end of the life of Superman, Batman Year One is about the very beginning of Batman but both are amazingly refreshing takes on familiar characters.

Batman Year One is brilliant. Rent it, buy it, see it. It just came out on BluRay.

But if you haven’t seen All Star Superman yet, it’s on Netflix.



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