Oatmeal is the Food of the Gods

Oatmeal is a wonderfully healthy canvas upon which you can add any number of fruits or vegetables or nuts. It is a fantastic source of fiber. Good for the heart, digestion and it lowers cholesterol. It has become an essential part of my diet. I eat it every day. Not the 5 minute quick oatmeal or the instant one minute stuff. I wait the full 15 minutes. I only buy the old fashioned whole grain oatmeal. It’s better for you and it’s worth the extra time.

I like it with raisins, cinnamon and raw sugar but I add lots of butter and  probably a little too much salt. I also like it with banana slices sometimes or apples and cinnamon. But always raw sugar (or honey in a pinch) and lots of butter.

I love me some oatmeal.

Oatmeal directly from the packing.

Image via Wikipedia

I asked my oatmeal to marry me and all it said was

“Mmmm” just “Mmmm” although that may have been my refrigerator. I’m not sure. It didn’t say no, though. So it was a maybe I thought. Or maybe Oatmeal just needed time to think about it.

But when I’d finished the bowl, once I’d reached the bottom there was my ring; my sticky, oatmeal covered ring. I suppose I had my answer. Of course we’ll still be friends. We’d still be good friends.



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