Common Courtesy Can Change the World A**hole

Here are four basic examples of common courtesy that I think would go along way to improving the quality of life on this crappy planet.

1) The person in front of you is more deserving of an apology than the person on the phone.

I don’t care how important the phone call is, the apology goes to the person who is standing in front of you waiting for you to get off the phone. Making them stand there while you apologize to the person on the phone telling them that you have to go talk to someone in person is the wrong way to do that. There is no chance that the person on the other end will snatch your phone and stomp on it until it is a pile of little plastic pieces.

2) When someone hands you money you thank them. EVERY TIME.

It could be money they owe you or money that’s not even yours. Change from a dollar. Money they’re asking you to hold while they tie their shoe. It doesn’t matter. You’ve tracked down a deadbeat and had your goons rough him up a bit. He reaches into his shoe and pulls out what amounts to barely 25% of what he owes you. You thank him before you have your boys break his arm. Every time someone hands you money you thank them.

3) Hold the door for the person behind you.

Unless you’re being chased and running for your life or you’re in a race to get the last donut, hold the door for the person behind you. You don’t have to let them go through first but don’t just let the door slam in their face. This one is missed so often people sometimes think you’re trying to pull a joke on them when you hold the door for them. What are you doing? Why are you holding the door? Are you trying to trick me? So sad that it’s so foreign for people to have someone hold the door. Doesn’t matter the age or gender of the other person try not to let the door slam in their face.

4) If someone slips and falls help them up.

It’s ok to laugh. It’s funny. It just is. You can even stand over them with your arms outstretched and yell “Safe!” But it’s not ok to just stand there while they try to pick themself up and gather their stuff. Help them out. What are you at the movies or something? This isn’t a show. It’s another fucking human being. Help them up.

This every man for himself mentality that seems to be running rampant in our society is not healthy nor is it realistic.

If you think these things are unnecessary or annoying or a sign of weakness, remember this when you need someone to save your life. Remember this When you need someone to run into a burning building to get your cranky old ass out of bed. Or when you need strangers to pull you out of a car wreck.

“This man needs CPR. Does anyone here know CPR?”

“I do.”

“Thank god.”

“Well, I do but that guy didn’t even hold the door for me, so fuck him.”

You will need someone. Maybe it’s your pride that makes you think you won’t ever need anyone’s help but it’s that shame that will kill you.

Joe (Fuckin‘) Schmo 1972-2012  He died never needing help from anyone. But had he asked…

Common courtesy can change the world.



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