Embassy Times Square

I worked in that Theater on weekends and in the summers when I was in High School. The Embassy Theater on Times Square. There were three of them. A multiplex up the square a bit and another next to Radio City Music Hall. I would watch the movies over and over. No joke. I knew every shot. Every edit. Every word. Every note of the score. That would be excruciating if it were a bad movie playing. Luckily the worst the movie the shorter the run. Jagged Edge was good. I must have seen it  100 times.

I met so many celebrities working there. And took so much drugs. All of my managers were dealers.  No joke. There was a pot dealer, a coke dealer and one guy who had LSD and mescaline. I was frequently coked up or high at work. Great place for an impressionable teenager to work. Drugs, movies and all the soda you could drink as long as you brought your own cup (they only counted the cups).

Oh and that fucking bus nearly ran me over. No joke. NYC Bus drivers were assholes back then. He turned in sharp. Knocked me down. Got out of the bus. Checked to see if I had left a mark and then yelled at me. Total asshole.



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