Person of Interest Season 4 (Trailer & Sneak Peek)

I don’t normally post TV show trailers but Person of Interest is more than just a TV show.

If you haven’t seen the first three seasons, I envy and pity you. It is one of the most kick-ass shows on broadcast TV. And you can binge watch it like a 60 hour movie.

Jonathan Nolan’s Artificial Intelligence, Espionage, Surveillance. Superhero, Thriller just keeps getting better. The evolution of this show is a joy to watch.

I love this show.

- Mel

Photos from Around the Block (slight return)

Been writing a lot. So, I’m being productive. But I really have to get outside more.

Went to the store today. Stayed out for a couple of hours. It was nice. Forgot to turn the AC on for my cat. She’s mad at me now. Gave her a big bowl of ice when I got back and she’s hanging out with it. I think she wishes the ice had adopted her and not me.

“I’m sorry, Lucy. How many times can I say I’m sorry?”

No answer. She’s giving me the silent treatment… Or maybe it’s just that she doesn’t understand me and know how to speak my language. One of the two. Either way she’s having tuna tonight for sure.

Took my camera with me. Yada yada yada. You know the drill.

Countdown to new photos in 5… 4… 3…






No Trespassing

No Trespassing. (This is what it feels like to leave my house)

Sidewalk Folks

Sidewalk Folks

Sidewalk Pigeons

Sidewalk Pigeons

Tire in the Tunnel

Tire in the Subway Tunnel


Subway Tunnel

Entering the Tunnel

Entering the Tunnel (They should really sell torches outside)

Big Brother - Fallout Shelter

Big Brother – Fallout Shelter

Subway Entrance with a Book Club

Much nicer Subway Entrance with its own Book Club

Book Club (I love my neighborhood)

A Freaking Book Club! (I love my neighborhood. I’m going to give them such books)

Walk Picture

This is my walk picture

Big Steps

I love these Big Steps. (I’m gonna shoot a scene here)

Store Cat

Store Cat enjoying the AC (reminds me of something but I can’t put my finger on it)

Window Salsa.

You can never have too much window salsa.

Hot Sauce

…or hot sauce

The pigeons are watching us watch them watch us.

The pigeons are watching us watch them watch us. (Bad… wolf?)

This guy here is just doing his job.

This guy here is just doing his job.

So's this guy.

So’s this guy.

Trees are doing their job.

The trees are always doing their job.

The sky is doing its job.

The sky, the buildings, the scaffolding… working, working, working.

This sign doesn't work at all.

This sign doesn’t very much work at all. (All the kids ride their bikes in this tunnel)

These guys are going to play golf.

These guys are going to play golf.

And I’m going back home to finish my book and rescue my cat from the heat.

More to come,

- Mel